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R nineT conversions.

The R nineT is the perfect starting point for a custom build. With just a few steps, it can be converted from a two-seater to a single-seater, and thanks to separate vehicle and engine electronics, it offers almost endless possibilities for gearheads.

Several of the most renowned customizers have been running riot on the R nineT. With unmistakeable handwriting, they show what can be done with expertise, creativity and the modern classic boxer.

Hide Motorcycle.

Working on the heart of his boxer has been something of a head-scratcher for Hideya Togashi: the raw, untreated aluminium tank simply forgives no errors in manufacturing. Togashi spent more than a month perfecting it. And it was worth it: its slim-line shape perfectly matches the bike's timeless, classic and athletic design.

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Officine Sbrannetti.

The Spirit of Zeller is a homage to the German racing legend, Walter Zeller. Inspired by the BMW RS 54 from 1954, the customisers at Officine Sbrannetti put everything into the modifications, making use of all their technical craftsmanship.

The original seat was replaced with a new handmade one, wrapped entirely in leather. The protective plates are formed from solid metal. To ensure even more motor racing character, they fitted two separate handlebars, which made space for a simple 50s style speedometer. The "Mass" exhaust system provides the appropriate sound. The Italian customiser didn't hold back with the bike's paint. And to ensure that the completely new paint scheme doesn't get scratched, there is a leather tank belt for protection. The silver grey elements such as the fork, wheel rims, handlebar covers, valve covers and Cardan shaft drive provide a contrast to the colour. The colourful highlight is the bright yellow number plates with start numbers cut from aluminium.

There's no doubt: the guys at Officine Sbrannetti have created a genuine racing bike from the R nineT. That's why they're in pole position for us.

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Diamond Atelier and K1X.

This is what happens when a custom motorcycle maker and a basketball brand team up: They create a custom R nineT that is causing a stir in the café racer scene. Custom bike creator Diamond Atelier and basketball label K1X both originate from Munich, so it was clear from the beginning that a BMW model would serve as the starting point for the DA#4.

They chose the brand-new R nineT, which Diamond Atelier customised to actualise K1X's vision for an aggressive, low-slung bike that would hint at the label's upcoming fall/winter collection. The logos are made of silver and have been accessorised with a real diamond in the Diamond Atelier style. Further highlights include an air inlet running through the handcrafted fuel tank and reworked high-end electronics. CNC-machined one-off pieces like the top triple clamp or alternator cover are branded with the iconic K1X leaf complete this masterpiece.

The brand-new DA#4 will be showcased at Glemseck 101, where it will be raced on the 1/8 mile Essenza Sprint.

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JSK Customs.

Wild fun on and off-road: this is precisely how the JSK customizers from California had imagined the modification of their R nineT would turn out.

The result was a scrambler with typically amplified exhaust system. And to make sure no one burnt their legs, the whole thing was packaged in carbon. The adjustable Supertrapp silencer ensures a richer sound and BMX-style handlebars made of carbon makes the whole thing fit for off-road use. Samuel Kao, the mastermind behind the JSK, is a long-standing BMW fan and consequently chose the classic BMW motorsport colours red, dark blue and light blue.

All this in combination with the deep-tread tyres make the Chocolate Slider aggressive and beefy enough to make anyone want to climb on board immediately and take it off the beaten track.

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Kevil's Speed Shop.
The customers from Kevil’s Speed Shop have been seized by their passion and enthusiasm for the R nineT and built their very own version. Their topic: 'Rat Rod'.
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VTR Customs.

Build the lowest, smallest and slimmest Cafe Racer with a Fat Tyre on the foundation of the R nineT – this was the goal that Swiss custom forgers VTR Customs had set themselves. Owner Daniel Weidmann and his team wanted to create a low fat bike – a bike which would take the "Coffee-to-go trend" at face value and unify the Board Tracker Style in its essence of being. Every detail oozes pure craftsmanship: following on from the vintage motorcycles of the 1970s, the tank has been made smaller, the saddle slimmer and the frame shortened. The fuel indicator is a special version, as is the hand-thinned aluminium rear and the cockpit fairing. And the special 2-in-1 manifold with the MotoGP "banners" from Akrapovič generates a powerful sound.

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The biggest challenge facing Siro Nakajima was the hand-made aluminium chassis. This was a whole new experience for someone who usually has to deal with technical upgrades. The outcome reflects his true passion. He focused entirely on the qualities provided by the boxer engine itself: lightweight, speed and handling. His conversion is about 30 kilos lighter than the original and features classic MotoGP-type rims.

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Brat Style.

It's not for nothing that Go Takamine is one of the most influential customisers in the world. There is nobody more expert than he is at adding a touch of lightness and vintage flair to a bike. The Cyclone crafted by him is perhaps the best example. Slim-line and light-footed, it strikes a perfect balance between the past and the future.

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Cherry's Company.
A peek into the future at how BMW motorcycles might look in 10 years' time - this was what Kaichiroh Kurosu set out to achieve with his project. The result is the Highway Fighter - a machine that looks as though it has come straight off the set of a Batman film. This beauty on two wheels is set in a handmade aluminium body that harmoniously combines all components. Surprisingly, Kaichiroh Kurosu sought inspiration in the past from BMW Motorrad and found it in the legendary BMW R 7 of 1934.
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Unique Custom Cycles.

Eat, sleep, create, repeat. Eat, sleep, create, repeat ... This was the fixed daily routine for UCC's Ronna Norén and Gordon for a period of five weeks. Because the Swedes were working on their personal interpretation of the BMW R nineT - not just to impress us but also the jury of the Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje. With respect, this enormous time pressure has brought forth a veritable diamond of custom boxer art.

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Urban Motor.

The track grinder is the world's first modification of the R nineT, and immediately sets the bar for modifications of the boxer extremely high: with incredible attention to detail, colour and an extensive list of custom and handmade parts, it is a modification which embodies the typical crossover style of URBAN MOTOR.

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El Solitario.

"Powerful, excessive, raw, burnt, merciless ... She is an evil machine" – this R nineT modification can hardly be described more accurately than it was by David Borra from EL SOLITARIO. Several hundred metres of stainless steel brackets and over 700 man hours transform the new classic boxer into something that is reminiscent of a mutated version of a long-distance motorcycle from the 80s. This eccentric monstrosity first saw the light of day in front of the general public at "The ONE Motorcycle Show", and – like all EL SOLITARIO modifications – immediately polarised the masses.

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Concept. Experiment. Role model.
The BMW R 90 S was a real icon. At the time, pioneering riding performance paired up with a progressive design. In 2013, this classic boxer celebrated its 40th birthday and in the same breath as BMW Motorrad's 90th birthday, in collaboration with Roland Sands Design, a unique bike was created as a tribute to a golden motorcycling era: the Concept Ninety.
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