F 750 GS

MSRP From $11,200
Total Selling Price From $12,400*

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The BMW F 750 GS.


It keeps your engine running, every day.  Your heart beats to the rhythm of the BMW F 750 GS.  It's your ticket to the adventure because with the balanced Enduro all-rounder, you will master all paths, regardless of the road surface and expand your horizons – because you want more. The F 750 GS gives you more power, more comfort, more spirit of GS. Feel the strong-charactered engine and enjoy the ease of handling of the F 750 GS.  While you're off discovering the world, you have the bike with the automatic stability control (ASC) and the ABS safely under control.  Plus with the ex factory option Connectivity, the 6.5 inch TFT-display shows you among other things which junction you have to turn off at or who is calling you.  Clear and concise – without distracting you from the road.  The entry into your next experience is – also thanks to the low seat height – easier than ever before.  


Choose your style.

Here, you can adapt the F 750 GS to suit your personal preferences: you can choose between the basic colour Light white, the metallic paintwork Austin yellow metallic for the sporty look and the Exclusive style in elegant Stereo metallic matt.

    Light white

    Even the basic colour puts your motorcycle in the spotlight.

    Austin Yellow metallic

    The F 750 GS looks even more dynamic with an impressive metallic paint job.

    Style Exclusive

    Your appearance is elegant and confident with the Exclusive style and in the Stereo metallic matt colour.

    Real GS roots.

    From the slim rear to the striking front tank and right up to the GS-typical top front mudguard, the design elements of the F 750 GS speak a clear language, the motorcycle has the GS gene. Unmistakable and original is the typical flyline. With the view on the front, the new LED headlamps are particularly striking – a real light icon. The galvanized radiator blind with the Exclusive style highlights the high quality of the all-rounder and embodies the spirit of GS.  Discover more!  
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    HP (57 kW) at 7,500 rpm
    litres fuel capacity
    cc capacity
    mm seat height
    F 750 GS Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke series engine

    A new twin-cylinder to launch.

    When you start your F 750 GS, the journey into unknown territory begins. The lively in-line twin-cylinder will put a smile on your face – with 57 kW (77 HP), it brings the newly designed engine abundant power onto the rear wheel – while keeping the consumption just as low (4.1 l per 100 km according to WMTC).

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    Every start is easy.

    Every start is easy.

    The agile handling, the high comfort and the possibility for lowered suspension make your entry into the GS world easier than ever. To ensure that you are seated perfectly, the F 750 GS can be adapted to various seat heights: from lowered 770 mm up to 830 mm.  The relaxed but nevertheless active seat position and the variable ergonomics support your active safety and forms a unit between you and your motorcycle – for comfortable touring.  

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    Style Exclusive.

    Style Exclusive.

    Do you want to put on an elegant performance with your F 750 GS? Then the Exclusive style with its Stereo metallic matt colour is perfect for you. With this style, the galvanized radiator blind with large GS tape and the granite grey rims perfectly set the scene for the F 750 GS. The black/grey seat bench, the two hand protectors and the silver anodized handlebar round off the tasteful appearance.  

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    Elegant start.

    Elegant start.

    The BMW F 750 GS brings you forwards intelligently – with Connectivity you can connect your smartphone to the F 750 GS via Bluetooth and operate a wide range of innovative functions using the intuitive multi-controller on the handlebars. These are then displayed on the 6.5 inch TFT-display.  The turn-by-turn navigation of Connectivity shows you the way in a remarkably clear presentation, directly on the display.  With the BMW Motorrad communication system, telephoning is child's play – be it accepting calls or making them yourself by connecting your smartphone to the multi-controller, you can even access your contact list and select a contact.  Thanks to the communication system, you can even get music from your smartphone and play it while riding. Always intuitive and without distraction – ensuring you never lose focus.  

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    Comfortable riding pleasure.

    Comfortable riding pleasure.

    There is something for every type of rider: Your F 750 ​​GS can be adapted to your needs - many benches with different seat heights are available. There is also a low double seat and a comfort seat.  If desired, the bike can be also lowered for you with the lowered suspension option.

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    More Highlights of the F 750 GS.
    • The modern LED rear light highlights the dynamic design of the BMW F 750 GS. 


    • The BMW F 750 GS is fitted with a small wind-shield, providing enough protection against wind and weather for all your trips. On request you can add a bigger wind-shield as accessory.  


    • With the standard luggage carrier, you are prepared for every eventuality: it offers you sufficient space for a bag or a pack sack.  

    I chase excitement.

    Curiosity and enthusiasm are what drive Isaac Johnston.

    He's his own boss. Years ago, Isaac Johnston traded his office job for a life as a storyteller and lifestyle photographer. Today, the American from Montana lives for unexpected experiences and loves exciting and inspiring places. Above all, nature holds a special allure for him.   

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    More Individuality

    For your needs.

    Entirely GS: for the F 750 GS, there is a wide range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories. Allowing you to adapt your motorcycle to perfectly meet your needs and requirements.


    Accessoires for the F 750 GS

    Clothing suitable for your adventure

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