F 850 GS

MSRP From $14,800
Total Selling Price From $16,000*

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You live for the challenge. Where others turn back, you ride on. Overcome boundaries. Obstacles are transformed into possibilities. Adventure flows through your veins. Atop the F 850 GS, you will easily master the offroad track thanks to the 21 inch front tire. What matters is that your attitude and curiosity spur you on.  Regardless of how far you want to travel with the F 850 GS and regardless of whether you take it through the mud.  With the Connectivity ex factory option, you have access to the navigation, telephone, media and vehicle-relevant data at all times. Clear and concise on a 6.5 inch TFT-display – without any distractions.  Giving you more time for what is important and allowing you to discover what lies over the horizon.  


Choose your style.

The choice is yours: with the Exclusive style, the F 850 GS in the Pollux metallic matt colour is an elegant eye-catcher. Whereas the Rallye style, with the Light white, Racing red and Lupin blue metallic colours, allows you to give the bike an even sportier accent. Or you can choose the F 850 GS in the basic colour Racing red.

    Rallye style

    This is what sporty accents on the F 850 GS look like: the Rallye style brings the colours Light white, Racing red and Lupin blue metallic onto the motorcycle. The gold-anodized rims also highlight the dynamics.

    Racing red

    Irresistibly beautiful and never boring: you will draw all the looks with the Racing red colour.

    Exclusive style

    A clear case of passion: the Exclusive style gives the bike an extremely elegant appearance thanks to the Pollux metallic matt colour.

    Even more GS.

    A strong look, you and your F 850 GS.  When it comes to design, the sense of adventure can be felt on every surface, in every corner and line of the motorcycle.  From the rear to the front tank , right up to the GS-typical headlamps, the design elements are trimmed to offroad.   The galvanized radiator blind for the Rallye and Exclusive styles give you a cool appearance both on the road and offroad.

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    HP (70 hp) at 8,250 rpm
    litres fuel capacity
    cc capacity
    mm seat height
    F 850 GS Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke series engine

    The inner drive.

    The inner drive.

    Curiosity and a thirst for discovery are your drive. The twin-cylinder in-line engine, with its 70 kW (95 HP), supports you in every endeavour – its strengths are a high torque and zippy character. The strong sound of the engine impresses whilst working economically and delivering an impressive performance at all times. Discover the unknown with the F 850 GS!  

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    In your element.

    In your element.

    Your head is free, your gaze focused on the road ahead. Almost instinctively you steer, shift and brake the F 850 GS – an inimitable handling: you are in your element, fully focussed on your adventure.  Thanks to the GS-typical ergonomics, you ride upright and confidently, meaning you always want to go on.  

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    The Highlights of the F 850 GS

    Comfortable riding pleasure.

    Comfortable riding pleasure.

    There's something for every rider type.  You can adapt your F 850 GS to perfectly suit your needs – a whole host of seat benches with differing seat heights are available. A low double seat bench and a comfort seat bench are also available.  A lowered suspension option is available as an optional extra.

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    The extra kick.

    The extra kick.

    For  demanding offroad use, the F 850 GS has cross-spoke wheels with tubeless tires that allow you to reach new destinations, the next level, the next adrenaline kick.  

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    More Highlights of the F 850 GS.
    • For a courageous use off the road you can add the fitting Enduro tire equipment to the cross-spoke wheels.  

    • An engine guard, that is included as standard is made of plastic and protects the engine of the BMW F 850 GS from falling rocks and damages on off-road trips. For a sportier style, the comprehensive equipment program offers an underrun protection device made of aluminium.  

    • The wide aluminium handlebar sits comfortably in the hand and supports an easier handling of the BMW F 850 GS. The anodized surface highlights the bikes valence.  

    Lord of the Enduro.

    Lord of the Enduro.

    Dirk Thelen overcomes the hurdles of the Enduro d'Agadir atop the BMW F 850 GS.

    For Dirk Thelen, things are only heading in one direction: forwards, onwards and upwards. Where other participants of the four-day long Enduro d’Agadir overcome rocky gravel, sandy pistes and wet-clay mud with their hard Enduros, the four-time German Enduro champion effortlessly sets the pace – atop the new F 850 GS. A long-distance touring enduro subjected to a brutal test and terrain, right through Morocco.

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    More Individuality

    A tailor-made F 850 GS.

    Do you want a customized F 850 GS? Then the wide range of special equipment and accessories is here to help. Allowing you to assemble your motorcycle exactly the way you want it.


    Accessoires for the F 850 GS

    Clothing suitable for your adventure

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