Starting on March 1st 2021, the vehicle shown here is expected to be delivered with a brake system from another manufacturer (possibly with a different appearance) instead of the Hayes brand brake system.
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The challenge of curves and kilometres.

Make no concessions, demand it all. From yourself, but also from your machine. Always fighting for the racing line: every curve a few degrees deeper, a few millimetres tighter. Kilometre after kilometre. With the new S 1000 XR, you have a motorcycle that also makes no compromises. It combines athleticism and long-distance performance in perfect form. Its sporty aggressiveness comes from the RR. Its outstanding ergonomics with the upright, relaxed seat position, however, allows you to fight for every curve and straightaway all day. A racetrack that only finishes when you want. How it should be. That is how we view the XR. What about you? #NeverStopChallenging.



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On the racing line – even in the design.

The front fairing and lighting system are defined by sharp edges. Combined with striking beading, they shape the overall line – aggressively and consistently to the finish: it’s no accident that the visually short tail is reminiscent of a sport bike.

The hinted snout, the high flyline, and the comfortable handlebars indicate an insatiable hunger for kilometres. Kilometres that are great fun in the long-distance seat position, even after days at a time – also thanks to the revised aerodynamics and fairing. It provides even better protection against the cold, driving noises and the elements. The adjustable windshield means you can keep your eyes on the road, and the odometer, without your helmet shaking.

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Colours with expression.

With the paint variants of the S 1000 XR, you are already making a clear visual sign. Defined and precise, the colours emphasize the sporty, angular character of the machine down to the last detail.

    Style Triple Black

    No compromises, no concessions, no discussion: the energetic aggressiveness of the S 1000 XR is more than obvious with Black storm metallic 2 paintwork.

    Racing red 2

    This paintwork combination is unfamiliar with standing still. Each millimetre counts around every corner and every kilometre covered per day makes a difference: fully fledged riding pleasure.

    Light white/M Motorsport

    A paintwork combination that is both a promise and an obligation. This is where the S 1000 XR’s heritage is best expressed – directly from the race track onto the road. Exclusively in the M package.

    3 years warranty.

    Ride on & on & on. We're giving you 36 months peace of mind.

    Did you know there's a 3 year warranty including Roadside Assistance on all new BMW motorcycles? 

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    Four-cylinder in-line engine

    DIN empty weight in lb incl. M lightweight battery, Touring & Dynamic package
    Nm max. torque at 9,250 rpm
    hp (121 kW) Power output at 11,000 rpm
    cc capacity

    A curve that makes you addicted: our torque.

    A curve that makes you addicted: our torque.

    The engine of the S 1000 XR is based on the high-performance engine of the new RR and was optimized according to the XR for uncompromising long-distance performance: among other things, special camshaft profiles and designated manifolds deliver impressive torque from the middle and the widest usable speed range in its class. The longer gearbox in the upper gears ensures smooth running – which you can feel and hear.

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    More dynamic thanks to the lower weight.

    More dynamic thanks to the lower weight.

    Dynamic is also a question of mass. Even fully equipped, the S 1000 XR weighs a full 10 kg (22lb) less than its predecessors. In the lightest configuration, this bike is ready to ride at just 223 kg (491 lb). You won’t miss a single gram, but you will feel each individual one – on every meter. In the form of better acceleration, higher agility, shorter braking distances, and easier manoeuvring.

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    Experience the sound of the S 1000 XR

    Change to the brake system

    Starting on March 1st 2021, the vehicle shown here is expected to be delivered with a brake system from another manufacturer (possibly with a different appearance) instead of the Hayes brand brake system.

    The highlights of the S 1000 XR

    Engine and performance.
    We see a close-up of the engine.
    Dynamic ESA Pro.
    We see an image of the Dynamic ESA.
    Striking front design with Pro headlight.
    We see the dynamic front design including Pro headlight.
    Accessory range like Carbon engine guard.
    We see an item from the accessory range, focus on the Carbon engine guard.
    Optimized weight.
    We see the S 1000 XR in a three-quarter front view.
    The TFT display with BMW Motorrad Connectivity.
    We see the 6.5” TFT display.
    Case system and top case.
    We see the baggage system and top case.
    Smart solutions, toll pass compartment.
    We see the toll pass compartment.

    Your bike, our suggestions

    The S 1000 XR delivers uncompromising athleticism with long-distance performance. You can design your bike according to your needs exactly thanks to the extensive range of equipment. We have compiled three suggestions for you here which speak to very different types of riders.

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    #NeverStopChallenging – here you can meet riders from the community who think like you do. People for whom the day’s record time counts for just one day, because for them every kilometre and every curve is a new challenge.

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    Clothing for your long-distance performance

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