The striking vivid blue beam of light generated with xenon technology is easily double as strong as standard halogen lamps.
A cylindrical bulb shield for the reflector was designed specifically for the motorcycle xenon light to avoid undesired scattered light and dazzling. This facilitates a significantly improved and more even illumination of the road in darkness and in poor visibility. Making it possible to recognise potential hazards a good deal sooner. It also makes it much easier for other road users to see motorcyclists.
Xenon bulbs generate their light according to the principle of gas discharge. A spark discharge between electrodes in a light bulb filled with xenon gas creates an "ionised gas tunnel" through which electrical current flows This causes the gas to illuminate. The illumination and light intensity are higher than with conventional halogen bulbs. The spectral composition of the xenon light is very similar to natural daylight and therefore significantly improves the motorcyclist's visual comfort.
The BMW Motorrad xenon dipped beam is yet another milestone for even more active safety and comfort when motorcycling.
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