S 1000 R

MSRP From $15,700
Total Selling Price From $16,900*

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The BMW S 1000 R.

Uncompromising dynamics.

Is your heartbeat connected directly to the tachometer? Then the S 1000 R is the Roadster for you – stripped down to the essentials, but maximizing pure riding pleasure. Its aggressive engine with its 121 kW (165 hp) will put a smile on your face every time it revs up. And the rich sound of the new standard HP titanium rear silencer leaves no doubt, that's how life in the fast lane sounds.

The design of the S 1000 R

Choose your style.

The contrasting colour scheme highlights the dynamic design of the S 1000 R and gives it a striking appearance. It is available in three different colours: The Style HP puts sporty colour accents on the bike, but also the combinations Racing red / Black storm metallic and Black storm metallic gives the S 1000 R an incomparable appearance.

    Style HP

    The Style HP in Light white / Racing blue metallic / Racing red puts sporty colour accents on the bike.

    Racing red / Black storm metallic

    In this exciting colour combination, the S 1000 R has an especially progressive and uninhibited appearance.

    Black storm metallic

    This paint gives the vehicle a sleek character.

    Adrenaline on two wheels.

    Some call it naked, we just call it concentrating on the essentials. The genes of its sister, the S 1000 RR, are quite clear, an aggressive tail-up/nose-down design, a distinctive split-face and characteristic gills. The greatly reduced side trim panel and precise colouring make it clear, the power delivery isn't the only thing here that's pure and uncompromising.
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    Four-cylinder in-line engine

    HP (121 kW) at 11,000 rpm
    kg weight fully fuelled/road-ready
    cc capacity
    mm seat height
    S 1000 R Water/oil-cooled in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine

    The source of all dynamics: the engine.

    The source of all dynamics: the engine.

    The high performance 4-cylinder in-line engine descends from the RR. We have increased the power again to 121 KW (165 HP). The S 1000 R has extremely linear torque and a constant forward propulsion across the entire engine speed range. E-Gas lets you measure out this power even more precisely. While the race-tested Pro shift assist lets you shift up and down without using the clutch for more dynamics and shorter response times – welcome to the borderland.

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    Experience the sound of the S 1000 R

    The highlights of the S 1000 R

    Room for adjustments.

    Room for adjustments.

    The S 1000 R gives you two riding modes as standard: "Rain" and "Road". "Rain" provides a gentle throttle response, with ABS and ASC adapted to wet road surfaces. Meanwhile, "Road" optimizes throttle response, ABS and ASC for dry asphalt. Optionally, you can have two additional modes: Dynamic and Dynamic Pro. Then ABS Pro provides you perfect delay even when leaning, DTC, launch control and the pit lane limiter.

    Dynamic Pro on the other hand is the sharpest riding mode: this is where neither ABS nor ABS Pro are available on the rear wheel brake. At the same time, you can configure Dynamic Pro yourself in the user mode with your own settings. So there is really only one limit: your own personal one.

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    More individuality

    Special equipment and accessories.

    With the wide range of special equipment and Original BMW Motorrad accessories, you can adapt the S 1000 R to best suit your requirements.

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    Orlando Bloom and the S 1000 R

    The BMW S 1000 R Custom.

    Presented by BMW Motorrad and Orlando Bloom.

    Your roadster, your clothing

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