K 1600 B

MSRP From $26,550
Total Selling Price From $27,750*

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The BMW K 1600 B.


You're hungry for asphalt. For every kilometer. For new horizons. Then the Bagger is the motorcycle for your journey. With 6 cylinders, an extraordinary running smoothness and its impressive power development, it leaves no doubts – the journey begins now. The bike and you become one with the road in the typical Bagger silhouette: the chopped windscreen and the striking rear ensure an unmistakable appearance. Behind its good looks is a great deal of innovative technology and a high level of comfort. Because those riding a Bagger casually enjoy the wind in their face. Cruising is part of the standard equipment with the K 1600 B.    

The Design of the K 1600 B

Choose your style.

The new Hockenheim silver metallic paint emphasizes the typical bagger character of your K 1600 B optimally. It is offered along with the equally impressive colours Black storm metallic and Imperial blue metallic.

    Black storm metallic

    A painting for the impressive and extravagant performance with the Bagger.

    Hockenheim silver metallic

    The new colour Hockenheim silver metallic reflects the sporty, elegant character of the K1600 B.

    Imperial blue metallic

    Chic and elegant. With the colour of Imperial blue metallic, the Bagger shines strikingly in the spotlight.

    Unmistakably Bagger. Unmistakably different.

    As it should be for a Bagger, it is brimming with presence and is made for gliding along. The sloping line of the silhouette makes the K 1600 B flat and streamlined. The "Black storm metallic" colour in combination with the various black tones give the Bagger its shape and make it appear imposing and confident at the same time. The chopped windscreen and the striking rear section with LED indicators and brake lights integrated into the cases define the style. The black 6-cylinder completes the strong-charactered overall image. And with the standard tubular handlebars, the Bagger can be easily steered towards the horizon.
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    6-cylinder in-line engine

    cc capacity
    mm seat hight
    HP (118 kW) at 7,750 rpm
    lb-ft max. torque at 5,250 rpm
    Oil-/ watercooled four-stroke in-line six-cylinder engine

    No distance is too far.

    No distance is too far.

    The 6-cylinder in-line engine ensures the desired dynamics with its unmatched running smoothness and power development. On tour with your boys, you will enter every bend dynamically and with agility. Its maximum torque of 175 Nm and 118 kW (160 HP) develop an incomparable and effortless push force. And 70% of the torque is already achieved at 1500 rpm. This means even the smallest movement of your wrist makes you feel the K 1600 B's acceleration in an impressive way. After having arrived at your destination, the reverse assistant ensures effortless manoeuvring. By choosing Keyless Ride you add another technical highlight that perfectly rounds off the overall package.  

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    The Highlights of the K 1600 B

    Endless riding pleasure.

    Endless riding pleasure.

    Whoever sits atop the Bagger will want to ride on. Thanks to the high level of comfort of this special bike, the riding time is unlimited. Because the standard dynamic ESA ensures optimum handling and riding dynamics. In addition, the "DYNAMIC" setting ensures soft damping comfort. The Bagger-typical footboards ensure relaxed posture and pure riding pleasure. With additional, more extensive optional accessories like the front speakers, Hill start control (HSC), Pro shift assist or additional storage compartments, you can improve the comfort in a fully customized way. With a relaxed posture and an unmistakable presence, you are guaranteed to draw looks from your co-riders.  

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    Luxury Features

    • For the best road contact.

      The standard Dynamic ESA once again significantly increases the first-class riding comfort of the K 1600 B. It ensures the best traction, safety and the highest level of comfort: dynamic ESA controls the suspension depending on the driving condition and riding manoeuvres by automatically adjusting to the detected conditions. In doing so, it ensures significantly improved contact between road and tire, even when in a lean. Enabling riding characteristics which are always stable and an added boost in comfort and safety – especially on those long tours.

    • Simply reverse.

      Steep paths and narrow space conditions at popular look-out points or parking spots are no issue with the convenient torque control assist (TCA). Leaving you with only a smile for parking and manoeuvring. Activate the reverse assist by putting the bike into neutral and activating the assist function using the button on the left handlebar. As soon as the R is shown on the display and started by pressing it, you can glide out of your parking space with ease and get going on to your next destination with ample momentum.

    More Individuality

    Special equipment and accessories.

    With the wide range of special equipment and Original BMW Motorrad accessories you can adapt the K 1600 B to perfectly suit your individual preferences.

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