Great challenges and new friendships
International GS Trophy 2022
<p>Spectacular rides through jagged rocks, sand and mud, energy-sapping challenges in the trials - the riders have given everything. In the untouched dream scenery of Albania, the ultimate off-road adventure started on September 4, 2022: the 8th Int. GS Trophy. The week-long challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that demands everything from the international participants: courage, skill and stamina. The tests that the 57 participants faced required great skill, but above all real team cohesion - pure #SpiritofGS.</p>
LEGO® Technic™ M 1000 RR
Building like no other.
<p>You are driven by the fascinating original. It’s a passion that dominates you. For you, every detail, every millimetre, every technical feature counts. You love this feeling and bring it to life on the street, on the racetrack and now finally also at home: the first M LEGO® model ever and the largest LEGO® Technic motorcycle model to date has been created in close cooperation with LEGO® Technic designers: The LEGO® Technic M RR at a scale of 1:5. The specifications were clear – maximum precision to make what had previously been impossible possible. Parts were designed from scratch if they did not meet the strict requirements, something that was also done with the original. That’s exactly what “Born on the Racetrack. Build at home.” represents. </p>
2023 New Paint Colours
Updates to the existing range of colours from BMW Motorrad.
<p>The new colours for the BMW Motorrad model lineup are here to make your bike look even more unique. Brand new colours on some of our most populour models are here to make your ride standout.</p>
40 years of adventure
Four decades of GS
<p>Ready for any challenge: Since 1980, the GS has stood for limitless adventure and curiosity, both on and off the road. 40 years ago, we presented the R 80 G/S for the first time as the conceptual pioneer of touring enduros, which laid the foundation for a decades-long success story. We are celebrating this anniversary with the special editions of our versatile GS models. The 40 Years GS editions are each a homage to the #SpiritofGS. They boast state-of-the-art technology, but their design is inspired by the legendary R 100 GS and reminds us of the origins of the GS.</p>
Pioneer, trendsetter.
Bold products get BMW on a roll.
<p>The new four-valve boxer with electronic engine management and the first BMW single-cylinder motorcycle since 1966 come on the market in the 1990s. In addition, in the spring of 1991, BMW Motorrad became the world's first motorcycle manufacturer to offer a regulated three-way catalytic converter for motorcycles.  </p>
Our new paint colours.
Update to the existing range of colours form BMW Motorrad.
<p>We regularly freshen up the standard colours on numerous models. Option 719 colours are especially surprising, with effective colour combinations that make your bike look even more unique.</p> <p>Here is an overview of the highlights.</p>
Created with strength and grace
BMW R 18 The Wal by Shinya Kimura
<p>Fuel tanks and jerseys, helmets and tools, calligraphy and photography: the workshop – or rather the wonderful and orderly chaos – of Shinya Kimura, one of the most sought-after customizers in the world (and one of the most interesting ones!), is packed with mementos and astonishing items of all kinds. No more than two or three motorcycles leave his holy halls each year. During his modification projects, he always focuses on only one bike at a time to be fully invested in the project. The flow and harmony as well as the Wabi-Sabi of Japanese aesthetics play a crucial role in this. The patina and the genuine character of the – mostly – old motorcycles are just as important to him as the essence of the future rider. After all, it’s the rider who completes the project. So it’s all the more exciting that this time Shinya has a brand-new R 18 in his workshop and the rider concerned is no less than he himself.</p>
Ride on & on & on.
Three years warranty for you and your new bike for all models.
<p>BMW Motorrad stands for passion, dynamism, design, technology, innovation and, above all, quality. Based on this conviction, BMW Motorrad was the first premium manufacturer to extend the warranty period for 36 months and to offer Roadside Assistance for your new bike. Enjoy peace of mind for 36 months and free repairs if anything goes wrong during this period. For you that means three years' worth of benefits. So what are you waiting for?</p>
Lord of the Enduros.
Dirk Thelen overcomes the hurdles of the Enduro d'Agadir atop the BMW F 850 GS.
<p>For Dirk Thelen, things are only heading in one direction: forwards, onwards and upwards. Where other participants of the four-day long Enduro d’Agadir overcome rocky gravel, sandy pistes and wet-clay mud with their hard Enduros, the four-time German Enduro champion effortlessly sets the pace – atop the new F 850 GS. A long-distance touring enduro subjected to a brutal test and terrain, right through Morocco.  </p>
Sportier and more dynamic than ever.
Continuous growth thanks to a consistent and new model policy.
<p>Several new models and technical innovations are driving the growth at BMW Motorrad: the new K-Series now comes with a transversely mounted engine, and the newly developed F-Series fuels the mid-range segment. At the end of the decade, BMW Motorrad will introduce one of the most important new releases on the market - the S 1000 RR marks the first time that the brand has entered the world of superbikes.  </p>
New technology, new segment.
BMW Motorrad continues to drive the innovation.
<p>The motorcycle manufacturer surprises with pioneering innovations and the new segment of travel enduro. After the revolutionary single-arm swing from 1980, the BMW Paralever system is introduced in 1987 in the R 100 GS.  </p>
Protection against wind and weather.
Aerodynamics leads to a new model class.
<p>A new era is being introduced: Cockpit and full fairings make driving on the motorcycle more comfortable. There are sporty motorbikes. In particular, the R 90 S is a popular design classic - not least because of its elaborate two-tone paintwork.  </p>
Works of art on two wheels.
Customizers transform bikes into unique items.
<p>He is an originator, a designer, an aesthete: the customizer gives the standard motorcycle an unmistakeable face and a soul. Each and every one of his creations is a work of art. New colours, new shapes. Other materials, other mechanics. It attracts all the looks and makes your heart beat faster.   </p>
Propellant for your soul.
R nineT modifications from the most renowned customizers.
<p>The R nineT is the perfect basis for an individual modification: in just a few short steps, its rear end transforms from a two-seater to a solo, and thanks to the separation between vehicle and engine electronics, gearheads have practically no limits in terms of what they can do. The most widely renowned customizers have run riot on the R nineT. With their unmistakable signatures, they show what can be done with expertise and the modern classic boxer. Curtains up for the Soulfuel bikes!   </p>
Bavarian combiners in Italy.
Curtains up for the BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento.
<p>It's the stage for aesthetics, elegance and timeless design: at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como, unforgotten motorcycle classics stand alongside new concept vehicles and win over the hearts of the audience. The perfect place to introduce new ideas and designs at the traditional event. Showtime for the world premier of the BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento. </p>
Highlights 2019.
Something to look forward to.
<p>BMW Motorrad gives you the right experience – and the right motorcycle – for every opportunity, trip and terrain. From new products through innovations right up to countless events: discover what highlights BMW Motorrad has in store for you in 2019.   </p>
The city at your feet.
The BMW Motorrad Concept Link takes new, connected paths.
<p>Big city. Endless urban canyons, among which there is something new to discover around every bend. But it is also the desire for movement, freedom and the possibility to get from one place to the next quickly. With the Concept Link, which BMW Motorrad will be unveiling at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, a concept vehicle has now set about to combine the challenges of urban mobility of tomorrow with the opportunities of a digitalised world.   </p>
Elegant muscleman.
BMW Motorrad presents the Concept 101 touring bike.
<p>Inspired by the never-ending highway, the feeling of freedom and sheer independence, the BMW Motorrad design team came up with a completely new approach to touring motorcycles with their Concept 101: elegant, exclusive, extroverted and pure cruising power.</p>
Crafting a feeling.
The BMW Motorrad design process.
<p>Striking characters work in the BMW Motorrad design team. Every designer has their own style and feels at home in their own biker scene. And each and every one of them adds their own inspiration and passion. These different forms are then combined in the design process: they are manifested in each new BMW Motorrad creation. Edgar Heinrich, head designer at BMW Motorrad, introduces the BMW Motorrad design team and the design process. </p>
Riding on air.
BMW Motorrad and LEGO Technic build the Hover Ride concept model.
<p>Pushing boundaries has always been a part of BMW Motorrad. The future of mobility is full of surprises – as can be seen from the floating boxer. A construction kit was the start. </p>
Safety 360°.
Safety requires action. Not words.
<p>To really enjoy the road, you have to be carefree and on a motorcycle. At BMW Motorrad, we're always working on new solutions that let you focus your eyes and your mind on what's most important: a carefree and fun motorcycling experience. </p>
Treasure-hunting in a garage.
Sebastian Gutsch and the fascination of classic motorcycles.
<p>Sebastian Gutsch has been restoring old BMW motorcycles for decades. His bikes are more than just good-looking. The lawyer from Munich also rides his creations at vintage bike races and was one of the first to ride the R 5 Hommage at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the elegance competition for classic cars. After all, the original engine installed in the bike comes from his own collection. Just one of the many rare finds and stories from his garage.</p>
Training Experience.
Unforgettable experiences on two wheels.
<p>No matter your riding style, there's a rider training course to help enhance your abilities, increase your comfort and maximize your enjoyment of your time on two wheels. We have many options whether you are a beginner or a pro. Start your unforgettable experience now.</p>
Great challenges and new friendships
International GS Trophy 2022
<p>Spectacular rides through jagged rocks, sand and mud, energy-sapping challenges in the trials - the riders have given everything. In the untouched dream scenery of Albania, the ultimate off-road adventure started on September 4, 2022: the 8th Int. GS Trophy. The week-long challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that demands everything from the international participants: courage, skill and stamina. The tests that the 57 participants faced required great skill, but above all real team cohesion - pure #SpiritofGS.</p>
Up turn.
The two-wheeler boom leads from Munich to Berlin.
<p>In Berlin-Spandau, where aircraft engines were built up to 1945 and subsequently tool machine facilities were installed, the BMW motorcycles are given their new home and Berlin air in their tyres. In keeping with the new motorcycle boom, BMW manufactures a completely newly developed series with the /5 models.  </p>
Back on top.
BMW enters the international stage with top models and legendary victories.
<p>The 1950s are marked by sporting successes. BMW achieves remarkable top speeds with a series-manufactured machine. Furthermore the drivers of motorcycle teams win world championship titles.  </p>
On with pioneering spirit.
Production starts again with the R 24.
<p>After the turmoil of the war, BMW manages a new start with motorcycle production. First they build the R 24 a single-cylinder motorcycle limited to 250 cc. </p>
Of records and races - and even more records.
New designs lead to the sporting success of BMW motorcycles.
<p>In the 1930s, the engineers not only considered performance development, but also introduced, for example, the hydraulically damped telescopic fork and the elaborately designed OHV boxer engine - with unique consequences and successes. </p>
The foundations.
Max Friz designs the R32.
<p>At the Berlin Motor Show in September 1923, the starting signal was given for the construction of BMW motorcycles: The R 32 is the first BMW motorcycle, developed by Max Friz. The world-renowned boxer engine will be the manufacturers main characteristic. </p>
BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY
Move the way you want
<p>The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is an idea. Our idea of future mobility. We call it &quot;adaptive mobility&quot;. In the future, you will use precisely the routes you want to use. You will arrive at your destination as quickly or as relaxed as possible. And all this with the same vehicle. Some aspects of this vision are already reality: an electric drive, high individuality, a unique design.</p>
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02
Vibrantly different
<p>Your life – every day. 24 hours. A job for life and nine to five? Not for you. Time out from a time out? Your life is not a straight line. You don't live in the fast lane. You are everywhere – all the time. Always by your side: the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02. The city is full of opportunities and you are in control – because this is your life.</p>
Made for the city
The BMW Definition CE 04 is seamlessly integrated into your life.
<p>Quickly get from A to B. From work to your friend’s place, from a café to the city. Flexible, spontaneous, always networked: driver, smartphone and the Definition CE 04. Its drive is completely emission-free, the design completely rethought. With the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, we are consistently continuing what we started in our first electric maxi-scooter BMW C evolution and the concept bike Concept Link – maximizing mobility and pleasure. Electric and emission-free, networked, permanently #PluggedToLife.</p>
Total passion
R 18 Spirit of Passion by Kingston Custom
<p>&quot;This won’t be just any old, stunning PR bike. It will be one with a soul, a spirit.” In just a few words Dirk Oehlerking makes clear what he – and his modified R 18 – stand for. Kingston Custom bikes are always something very special. They have names such as White Phantom or Good Ghost. And that’s not the only reason they put the fear of God into some and make the hair on enthusiasts’ necks stand on end. Even Dirk himself is gripped by total passion each time he does as much as think about his projects. However, there was something else involved in the R 18 “mega project”: a responsibility like never before.</p>
Defined strength in a straight line
The R 18 Dragster by Roland Sands Design
<p>Roland Sands is known for his daring designs with sports racing influences. He combines styles and knows no limits. When modifying the R 18, he draws inspiration from his father’s drag racing days: He reduces the mighty cruiser to the essentials and gears it up for maximum speed on straight roads. The result is a straight-line dragster with an iconic boxer engine – the R 18 Dragster.</p>
Concept R 18 /2 makes EICMA debut.
Second BMW Motorrad cruiser concept unveiled.
<p>Just six months ago, BMW Motorrad took the custom scene by storm with the world premiere of the Concept R 18 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Now, a second design study featuring the awe-inspiring 1800cc flat-twin engine has been successfully presented in Milan at the international EICMA motorcycle exhibition.</p>
Heritage. Pure passion.
The world of the Big Boxer.
<p><span style="font-family: Arial , sans-serif;color: black;" lang="EN">You can find all the latest news about the Big Boxer here. From custom builds to the upcoming series bike.  Discover this exciting world with us.</span><span style="font-family: Arial , sans-serif;color: black;"></span></p>
Concept R 18 roars into life.
BMW Motorrad custom concept unveiled at Villa d’Este.
<p>It’s the world premiere that the custom scene has been eagerly awaiting – a BMW Motorrad custom concept featuring a new prototype flat-twin engine – the highest capacity boxer motorcycle ever produced. Simply christened ‘Concept R 18’, this pure, stripped-down, raked-out bike gives more than a hint of what’s coming our way in the cruiser segment.</p>
A masterpiece made of titanium.
Revival Cycles is showcasing big boxer engines with the Birdcage.
<p>Alan Stulberg is a fan of boxer engines. He and his team have created a unique custom bike, living out his creative freedom, for a prototype two-cylinder boxer engine. Inspired by BMW motorcycles from the 1930s and racecars from the early 1960s, this one-of-a-kind bike will be on display for the first time at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas: The Revival Birdcage!</p>
A spectacular motorcycle construction from Custom Works ZON.
<p>The Custom Works ZON team from Japan has received numerous awards for their custom bikes. With &quot;Departed&quot;, Yuichi Yoshizawa and Yoshikazu Ueda once again cause a stir – and promptly there is the next price. The heart of the machine is the prototype of a completely new type of opposed-twin engine. </p>
We'll Ride This One Out Together.
Current Situation Update
<p>On behalf of everyone at BMW Group Canada and the teams across our valued retailer network, we sincerely hope you and your families are healthy and safe. </p> <p>We all have questions as we travel together down this previously undiscovered road, and we are all experiencing uncertainty. We want you to know that your motorcycle and your relationship with BMW should not be among your concerns.  We are working diligently to answer your questions, to create solutions for you, and to support you in your ownership experience.</p> <p>The situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, and therefore, so do the measures we’re putting in place to support you.  As we make changes, this is the place you’ll find them.  On this page, we’ve compiled the answers to questions we’ve been receiving from you either directly or through our retailer network.  In the content below, we do our best to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.  If these goals aren’t accomplished using the information on this page, please contact us – we want to help.  Contact methods based on your specific needs are listed below.</p> <p>We know your BMW motorcycle is important to you.  It’s important to us, too. The BMW retail network is working hard to balance meeting your mobility needs with respecting the guidelines put in place by their local governments, and doing what they feel is best to protect the health and well-being of their staff, customers and local communities. If you need to visit a BMW retailer, please contact them to confirm their operating status.</p> <p>We hope the information below is helpful.  More importantly, we hope that you and your families are well, and we wish you good health.</p>
The EICMA 2019.
<p>For you in a nutshell: Relive the presentation of world debuts and what happened at the EICMA 2019 in Milan.</p> <p>See BMW Motorrad's latest show for yourself; it was more than just an exhibition booth. In addition to exciting expert talks and many international motorcycle heroes, you will get the chance to see the new models and accessories. </p>
Highlights 2020.
Learn here what awaits you.
<p>Your curiosity still isn't sated? Are you dying to learn what the next year will offer? Then you've come to the right place: We offer a number of highlights for fans and riders. Whether they are new releases to the BMW Motorrad product range or exciting events: Look with us to the year 2020 and let us show you the most exciting new motorcycle releases.<strong> </strong></p>
Just beautiful.
BMW Motorrad Days 2018: the community loved it!
<p>It’s become a must-attend event for BMW motorbike fans. Set amidst the stunning mountains of Germany’s Zugspitze, more than 35,000 visitors came from all over the world to celebrate their common passion for motorised two-wheelers. This year’s highlights included break-neck performances by Busty Wolter and his freestyle motocrossers, as well as breath-taking shows by stunt riders Mattie Griffin and Dirk Manderbach, who got the audience cheering in astonishment. The wooden “cauldron” of the Motodrom was all about four roaring BMW R 25s, while tyres smoked and screeched at the drift show in the event arena. Another must-see was the presentation of the new series colours and special paint finishes – thanks to the design range “Option 719”, colourful new combinations spruced up the atmosphere of the exhibition tent. The excitement didn’t die out in the evening either: bands and DJs did their part to keep spirits high well into the night. The event was an all round success, entertaining from the start and ending on Sunday with typical German “Gemütlichkeit” (a cosy, relaxing feeling). Even as everyone started packing up to return to every corner of the world, plans are already in the works for the 19th BMW Motorrad Days, from 5-7 July 2019. Mark your calendars today! We look forward to seeing you.  </p>
Good to know.
<p>Around 40,000 motorcycling enthusiasts make a pilgrimage to the BMW Motorrad Days every year. Would you like to be one of them? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. </p>
Directions & Accommodation
All for an unforgettable visit.
<p>We have put together all the important information, like directions and hotels for you here. There is nothing else in the way of your visit to the BMW Motorrad Days now.</p>
Stunts, shows, and live music.
<p>The mix is what makes it – and in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, this mix consists of more than innovative products and world debuts from BMW Motorrad: breathtaking performances, spectacular stunt shows, and all kinds of live music await. For the adults, we offer an extensive children's program to make the BMW Motorrad Days an event for the whole family. We will publish a detailed overview of how to better plan your stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in advance of the BMW Motorrad Days: So keep stopping by for the latest info.</p>
Summit with friends.
The BMW Motorrad Days 2019.
<p>For three days in Bavaria's Garmisch-Partenkirchen, everything again revolves around the same passion: Motorcycles at the BMW Motorrad Days. An elaborate program of live music and action-packed shows, current bikes and numerous world debuts draws around 40,000 visitors to the city near the Zugspitze from July 5th to 7th. And these are not just BMW Motorrad fans, riders of motorcycles of all brands come to experience a diverse event weekend – a summit for friends, families, and the motorcycle community.</p>
A new generation of twin-cylinder boxer engines.
Almost 100 years old - and it's only just reaching its prime.
<p>The new twin-cylinder boxer engine fascinates in its diversity from the very first moment. Its character is unmistakeable – in every engine speed range. It offers you increased performance and smooth running at low speeds. The BMW ShiftCam variable camshaft control ensures more powerful torque development over the entire engine speed range, providing greater control in every riding situation. Giving you power whenever you need it. More cubic capacity, more power – with higher efficiency. The strong performance with fewer gear changes gives you sovereignty. A masterpiece of engineering prowess. </p>