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One history, countless stories

The people substantially shaping the history of BMW motorcycles go beyond the norm. It all began with Chief Designer Max Friz, who designed the first BMW motorcycle that was showcased at the German Motor Show on 28 September 1923. He was followed by designers, racers and pioneers who also challenged the status quo. In 1924, Rudolf Schleicher played a leading role in the development of the BMW R 37’s engine, the first BMW Motorrad sports model. In 1937, Ernst Jakob Henne broke the land speed record on a BMW 500 Kompressor fitted with full trim panel, reaching 279.503 km/h. In 1939, Georg “Schorsch” Meier won the Senior TT on the Isle of Man as the first non-British person on a BMW Kompressor. Even today, people at BMW Motorrad are still thinking ahead, developing new vehicle concepts based on new drives, for example.

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100 years in a picture

100 years in an artwork: this motif highlights the history of BMW Motorrad, spanning a century, in a playful and illustrative way. Which milestones can you see? The boxer engine, the Paris-Dakar winner’s pose, the anniversary model with a bow, the BMW Group plant in Berlin and much more.

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Your story makes ours complete x 100 years


Max Friz –
Chief Designer from 1917

From 1917, Max Friz became Chief Designer at BMW, turning his attention to his great passion: developing the motorcycle. In just four weeks, he put the complete design to paper. His vision, the BMW R 32, will be showcased at the German Motor Show in September 2023. The rest is history.

Hans A. Muth
Erster Designer ab 1971

Hans A. Muth became a designer at BMW Motorrad for the first time in 1971. In 1973, he put his passion for speed on the road with the first BMW Motorrad superbike. The styling of the R 90 S sparks a passion in onlookers. It was followed by numerous stylistic icons in BMW Motorrad's product history.

Edgar Heinrich
Vice President Design ab 2012

Since 2012, when Edgar Heinrich took charge, the company has created the touring enduro icon BMW R 1200 GS and the super sports S 1000 RR along with many other motorcycles. However, he also focuses on electrifying mobility, for example as part of the development of the avant-garde CE 04 electric scooter or visionary bikes, such as the AMBY 2022 vision.

Two models aimed at aficionados on occasion of the anniversary

Two models aimed at aficionados on occasion of the anniversary

In 2023, we will be celebrating our history with two edition models: the BMW R 18 100 Years and the BMW R nineT 100 Years. With its chrome-plated tank and paint-on-chrome technology, the R nineT is reminiscent of the 1969 R 75/5. With its drop-shaped tank, the R 18 reflects the design of the 1936 R 5. These two models aimed at real enthusiasts are each limited to 1,923 units.

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100 years of style and accessories

A perfect match for the anniversary: our Edition 100 Years clothing, accessories and optional equipment. The items are unmistakable, for example, thanks to unique details, special stitching or retro cuts. Accessories, such as bags and motorcycle mats, available in different designs and sizes, are identifiable by their 100-year logo. Discover a selection of 100 Years Edition products here.

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History continues