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Whatever lies ahead


Your BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

You love the challenge

Your desire to reach your destination drives you to achieve top performance. The ergonomics are designed for off-road riding and offer perfect hold. Regardless of the terrain and weather conditions that await you. In the soft luggage bags on the tank racks and radiator cowls, there is plenty of space for everything you’ll need on your travels. The stone chip protection, the distinctive tapes, and the sporty colour scheme show what your priorities are: You want to pave your own path.

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Come what may

Sleek and sporty:
Fuel tank in silver with tape + tank rack made from aluminium
Off-road protection:
Large radiator cowl and radiator grille guards
Robust construction:
Grille cover
Ready for a shared adventure:
High rider's seat and sport passenger seat (Rallye seat look)
Sporty and stable:
Forged enduro wheels
For off-road use:
Enduro package Pro
Perfect control:
Sports brake + off-road tires
Closer to the adventure:
Sport windscreen

Drives you to achieve top performance

hp at 7,750 rpm
ft-lbs torque at 6,500 rpm
cc displacement
kg curb weight
Air/liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine

Uncompromising off-road performance

The Racing Blue metallic colour scheme and the distinctive tapes show: You prefer a sporty off-road experience. The high seats offer you and your passenger excellent hold at all times. The Sport windscreen, the grille on the additional headlights and the sport grab handles make it clear: You are only satisfied when you have reached the goals you have set yourself. The large boxer with 145 hp takes you to your destination on the purist cross-spoked wheels. Ready, steady, go!

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This is what adventure sounds like

Every appearance makes a statement

Your adventure, in colour

Choose the right design for your R 1300 GS Adventure and pick the variant that suits your great adventure in all aspects of your vision.

    GS Trophy

    The sporty character can be seen in all aspects, from the Racing Blue metallic paint colour, right down to the tapes in Light White and Racing Red. The high, black-and-red rider's seat is complemented by the hand protection extensions, which are also in red.

    Racing Red solid paint

    Designed for adventure; from the silver fuel tank, right up to the black-and-red seat. Complemented by hand protection extensions, which are also in red, and the black handlebar and wheel rims, this variant is a real head-turner.

    Triple Back

    The elegance of this variant begins at the handlebar, and continues all the way to the black rim tape. The fuel tank in a tinted clear coat, as well as the comfort seat in black and grey and the engine bar with silver-coloured inserts mean that the Triple Black variant makes an impressive visual statement.

    Option 719 Karakorum

    The exclusive Aurelius Green metallic paintwork contrasts elegantly with the gold-coloured linework and the “Option 719” badge on the tank cover. The grille on the additional headlights and the black-and-grey comfort seat round out the aesthetic of this variant.

    Equipped for every adventure

    The Athlete

    This optional equipment helps you make it through tough situations. The dynamics package offers you the right riding mode for any situation, and thanks to the shift assistant Pro or automated shift assistant, you can also look forward to perfect gear changes. The sports brake, the enduro package Pro, and numerous off-road parts mean that this variant suggestion opens doors to all kinds of adventures.

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    Forged enduro wheels

    The forged enduro wheels are particularly light, and in comparison with the standard wheels, they offer improved off-road capabilities. They are characterised by a weight advantage of approx. 1.8 kg and their sporty aesthetic. The high-quality anodised surface is decorated with BMW Motorrad branding.

    Off-road tires

    The off-road tires are the right choice for ambitious off-road use. The cleated tyres with a rough profile are especially well suited for impressive off-road experiences in combination with the optional Enduro Pro riding mode. As such, the machine can handle even the most demanding terrain with great precision.

    Comfort rider's seat, high

    The high comfort rider's seat means that taller riders can stay comfortable on longer tours. The seat heating can be set to various levels. Furthermore, the seat height adjustment allows you to find the perfect seat position.

    Spoiler windscreen

    The tinted wind deflectors are easy to install and effectively protect your hands against wind and weather. Their aesthetic emphasises the bike’s sporty character.

    Radiator grille guard

    An absolute must for off-road riders: The protective grille made from impact-resistant plastic effectively protects the radiator against damage from stone chips or bushes when riding off-road. The useful extras are very easy to install, and also add to the bike’s robust enduro look.

    Aluminium topcase

    Aluminium topcase, black, 37 l, electrified

    The topcase made from black anodised aluminium is a loyal companion on tour. With a volume of 37 litres, it offers ample space for smaller items of luggage or a helmet. In addition to a useful light, it also has an integrated USB-C charging socket, e.g. for smartphones or tablets.

    Backrest pad, aluminium topcase, black

The backrest pad for the aluminium topcase offers added comfort for the passenger, both on short trips and on long tours.

    ConnectedRide Navigator

    With the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator, all tours and plans are always with you. Synchronise planned routes and recordings with the BMW Motorrad app through your BMW ID. You can read the 5.5-inch touch display easily, even in direct sunlight. Operation is intuitive via the multi-controller.

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