Customizing Inspiration One

Casual and relaxed

The R 18 Classic in Manhattan metallic is elegant while also being expressive. The chrome-plated Beachbar handlebars underline the bike’s vintage character. Machined footboards milled from high-grade aluminium add confident style – and support a casual seating position. The silver Option 719 Aero wheel harmoniously integrates into the overall image and the Round rear silencer literally rounds off the cruiser.

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Chrome-plated Beachbar handlebars, 36/7”

Wide Beachbar handlebars make it possible to sit in a relaxed position and they hearken back to the good old motorcycling days.

Machined rider’s footboard

Aluminium Machined rider’s footboards are the solution with confident style when it’s about casual, relaxed cruising.

Chrome-plated Round rear silencers

The Round rear silencers emphasize the boxer sound and make every ride an optical and visual experience.

Option 719 Aero wheel

The silver Option 719 Aero wheel lends the motorcycle an individual touch.

Manhattan Metallic Matt

Manhattan Metallic Matt paintwork lends the motorcycle an elegant, yet expressive appearance.

Customizing Inspiration Two

Nostalgic and comfortable

The classic, nostalgic variant of the cruiser has been perfectly equipped for relaxed riding. The masked windscreen featuring partial black prints marks a cool highlight. The Cross Country seat including rider’s backrest, rider’s legrest and the 2-Tone-Black rider’s footboard guarantee plenty of comfort – on short trips or on extensive tours. In this context, chrome-plated engine protection bars protect the powerful boxer engine.

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Black Tour rider’s backrest

The functional, black Tour rider’s backrest is simply attached and can be both folded down and features adjustable inclination.

Black Cross Country seat

The black Cross Country seat boasts a high-grade finish and offers excellent seating comfort for rider and passenger.

Chrome-plated engine protection bars

Should the worst happen chrome-plated engine protection bars reliably protect the boxer engine’s cylinders from damage.

Black windscreen

The masked windscreen at standard height features black prints at the bottom and underlines the cool custom look.

2-Tone-Black rider’s footboard

Aluminium 2-Tone-Black rider’s footboards are the solution with confident style when it’s about casual, relaxed cruising.

Chrome-plated rider’s legrest

The chrome-plated metal legrest offers seasoned bikers the option to stretch their legs beyond the cylinders.

Customizing Inspiration Three

Passionate and sporty

The R 18 Classic in Mars red metallic radiates fully fledged touring passion. With the Option 719 Aero design package is reminiscent of the 1930s streamlined look. The chrome-plated 6.5-inch ape-hanger handlebars, Option 719 seat and the black end caps for the rear silencers represent further design highlights. The masked, low windscreen emphasizes the bike’s sporty character.

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Option 719 Aero design package

The Option 719 Aero design package is reminiscent of the unmistakeable 1930s streamlined look.

Option 719 seat

The black Option 719 seat with diamond stitching captivates with its sophisticated looks.

Black end caps for rear silencers

The black end caps for the rear silencers are made of aluminium and represent striking design highlights.

Chrome-plated ape-hanger handlebars, 6.5"

Ape-hanger handlebars at a height of 6.5", boasting a confident Custom style, create an extremely cool look at a relaxed seating position.

Masked windscreen, low

The low, masked windscreen is significantly shorter than the standard windscreen and emphasizes the bike’s sporty custom look.

Mars Red Metallic

Mars Red Metallic paintwork stages the bike particularly dramatically.


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Original BMW Motorrad accessories

You want to make your R 18 Classic even more unmistakeable? Our Accessories catalogue provides plenty of inspiration and ideas.

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