Style HP.

The Style HP gives the Roadster a distinctive sporty, off-road look. The exclusive colour combination of Light white, Racing blue metallic and Racing red alone makes the bike a real eye-catcher. The HP inscription, large coloured tapes and high-quality hardware components complement its sporty appearance.  

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  • The Select Package sharpens the sporty qualities of the machine while at the same time offering safety benefits. The equipment extras include Riding mode Pro with ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Hill Start Control Pro (HSC), Shift Assistant Pro as well as the Anti-theft Alarm System.  

  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) ensures greater riding stability and controls wheel slip even when leaning into corners to prevent the rear wheel from spinning. Depending on the riding mode, DTC allows more or less slip and thus guarantees maximum propulsion and safety benefits on any surface.  

  • The Shift Assistant Pro allows shifting up and down in almost all load ranges and engine speed ranges without clutch control. The assistant thus ensures noticeably reduced shifting times, a relief of the clutch hand and thus more comfort, dynamics and riding pleasure.  

  • With the innovative ABS Pro, the motorcycle can be better controlled by the rider even when braking in an inclined position. Since the sensor system measures also the lean angle, the brake pressure can be controlled in a better way, even when cornering. This reduces the motorcycle's tendency to straighten up, meaning that the rider can keep it more precisely on course.  

  • Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) ensures more stable and therefore even safer ride characteristics. The system automatically regulates the damping and spring preload of the telescopic fork and spring struts depending on riding conditions and load and offers the highest level of comfort and traction, even in inclined position.  

  • The Sport handlebar supports an active seating position and thus a sporty riding style.  

  • The Sport seat with a 20 mm higher and narrower rider's seat supports a sporty riding style thanks to its active seat position. It is particularly suitable for tall riders as the comfortable knee angle provides the rider with a noticeable improvement in seating comfort and thus even more carefree miles even over long distances.  

  • Thanks to Keyless Ride, the ignition key can now remain in the pocket. The system is extremely convenient and allows the rider to start their machine simply at the push of a button. The steering lock and fuel filler cap can also be unlocked in this way. The motto is: just get on and ride off!  

Style Exclusive.

The Style Exclusive has an elegant and stylish paintwork in Pollux metallic matt. In addition, the bike sports high-quality materials and surfaces. The Exclusive inscription, large coloured tapes and high-quality stainless steel components complement its stylish appearance.  

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  • Thanks to Keyless Ride, the ignition key can now remain in the pocket. The system is extremely convenient and allows the rider to start their machine simply at the push of a button. The steering lock and fuel filler cap can also be unlocked in this way. The motto is: just get on and ride off!  

  • The Tank cover Pure made of glass-bead blasted stainless steel gives the fuel tank cover a durable, matt glossy surface.  

  • The exhaust system with high-quality chrome-plated rear silencer and exhaust manifold has a glossy and particularly elegant look. The pentagonal design of the powerful rear silencer offers greater lean angle freedom, and it also provides a clear view of the rear wheel.  

  • Brilliant appearance: the attractive LED indicators with white indicator glass impress with their slim design and modern lighting technology. They respond faster than bulbs and offer a significantly longer service life. This results in clear safety benefits in traffic.  

A good basis means many possibilities.

Even with the standard version of the R 1250 R in the timeless basic colour Black storm metallic, you get a modern and high-quality naked bike. So that your tour even with pillion passenger becomes a pure pleasure, you can set up your Roadster to make it more comfortable or tour-oriented.  

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  • Thanks to the Premium Package, even long trips become a relaxed and comfortable pleasure. This starts by adding everything from the Select Package and then adds extras such as pannier racks, cruise control, Dynamic ESA automatic suspension, the Keyless Ride system, preparation for the navigation system and the main stand.  

  • The electronic Cruise Control can be activated from 30 km/h and keeps the riding speed constant. This makes it possible to enjoy longer motorway stretches in a relaxed way. The function is deactivated on braking, and the selected speed is automatically adopted after activating the Resume button.  

  • The centre stand ensures safe, stable parking of the machine and offers advantages, for example when refuelling, loading and unloading cases, or during maintenance work. In addition, the tires and spring elements are relieved if the machine stands for extended periods of time.  

  • A topcase or other pieces of luggage can be attached to the sturdy luggage carrier with grab handles for the passenger.  

  • Uncomplicated and practical: the case holders consist of two retaining clips, which are mounted on both sides of the motorcycle on the rear frame. The touring cases can be easily hung on them and offer maximum transport safety.  

  • Tire Pressure Control provides information on the current tire pressure and alerts the rider early on to possible hazards in the event of a loss of pressure. The values can be called up via the cockpit display. A yellow info light and a red warning light automatically indicate any relevant deviations from the set values while riding.  

  • Thanks to a broader seat area and additional padding, the Comfort passenger seat provides noticeably greater seating comfort and even more carefree kilometres for the passenger. The particularly comfortable passenger seat can be combined with all rider's seat variants.  

  • No more cold hands: this is ensured by the electric heated grips with two-stage control. The grips enhance comfort and offer more safety, because it is easier to control the vehicle with warm hands and more feeling in the fingers. The heated grips are conveniently controlled via the right-hand operating unit on the handlebars.  

BMW Motorrad Spezial

No tinkering, no surprises, no compromises. With BMW Motorrad Spezial, you get a bike with your personal touches and the highest quality standards. At BMW Motorrad Spezial, you will find especially high-quality, formative special equipment like the exclusive 719 billet packs and paint jobs with Spezial colours. You can order this now as an ex works option.

Right from the outset, a harmonious integration into the overall appearance of the vehicle is in focus, meaning the parts are perfectly integrated into the vehicle concept, giving the motorcycle a consistent and exclusive appearance.

The interplay between long-standing development skills from BMW Motorrad and the interaction of complex production processes connected with tradition-steeped craftsmanship facilitate a new level of significance and exclusivity. In our configurator, you can make your bike even more your own at the highest level with Spezial scopes, and have it assembled by precisely those who know your BMW Motorrad the best. By us.  

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  • Option 719 Star dust metallic
    A real eye-catcher.

    The Spezial paintwork Option 719 Star dust metallic gives the machine an exclusive, particularly elegant-looking shine. Depending on the incidence of light, a variety of fascinating effects are created. The high-quality look is rounded off by the engine spoiler, radiator trims and the fuel tank cover in stainless steel.  

  • Option 719 seat
    Star of the road.

    The seat of Option 719 is in elegant dark brown and black. It impresses with its fine feel, discreet marbling and elaborate decorative seams. The sewn-in textile flag with the Option 719 logo in a contrast seam completes the exclusive design. The seat has the standard seat height.  

  • Option 719 wheels
    Your character, your bike.

    Stylish design and top-quality workmanship are also reflected in the wheels: you can choose between the 719 Classic wheel option or the 719 Sport wheel option. Whatever you decide, the wheels make your character stand out.  

Billet pack.
  • The HP Billet pack emphasises the sporty character of the bike with high-quality aluminium components in bicolour look and HP branding. The billet pack made of anodised aluminium signals high value.  

  • The Billet pack Classic of the exclusive Option 719 adds design highlights with high-quality components in a silver-coloured look. The billet pack made of anodised aluminium shows great attention to detail and create exclusivity. In addition, the Option 719 branding emphasises the bike's impression of quality.  


HP Parts.
  • High-End in perfection: the high-quality slip-on silencer made of titanium with a carbon end cap guarantees a throaty sound and a sporty look. In addition, the sports silencer developed with Akrapovič has a weight advantage over the standard silencer.  

  • The high-quality, hard-shell touring case with 32 litres and 31 litres volumes provide ample space for luggage or a helmet. The splash-proof cases are lockable and are the perfect travel companion for short or longer tours. The covers can be opened wide and facilitate loading. With a payload of up to 10 kg, the sturdy hard-shell suitcases have plenty of room. The recommended maximum speed with suitcases mounted is 180 km/h. Practical options are the waterproof liners, which are perfectly matched to the touring case.

    The waterproof plastic topcase with a volume of 30 litres provides enough space for a helmet. The cover, which is optionally available in asphalt grey metallic matt, Black storm metallic or Light white uni, and the soft-close hinges, which enable a gentle lowering of the cover, underline the high quality impression. The maximum payload is 5 kg.  

  • The matching liners for the touring case and the topcase bring order to your luggage and make loading and unloading easier. Thanks to the carry handle and shoulder strap, the bag can be quickly and effortlessly transported by hand. The practical details include the three-sided all-round zip fastener and the mesh partition in the cover.  

  • The small tank bag made of durable PU-coated polyester fabric is the ideal companion for short trips. The waterproof main compartment with inner bag, the exterior pocket, the volume that can be expanded from 5 to 9 litres, the carry handle and the removable shoulder strap are functional features that meet all your everyday needs.  

  • The aluminium riders footrests are adjustable in three positions and offer not only ergonomic qualities, but also maximum comfort. The high-quality billet packs of the exclusive Option 719 can be adapted to a sporty riding style or different rider heights, thus ensuring even better control, for example, in an inclined position.  

  • The exclusive Option 719 foot levers Classic are milled from anodised aluminium and are individually adjustable. With the right set up, the foot levers can also be operated better and more sensitively when riding while standing up during off-road use. The high-quality billet pack parts with Option 719 branding add value to the bike.  

  • The cylinder head covers of the exclusive Option 719 add design highlights with their silver-coloured appearance. The high-quality billet cover made of anodised aluminium bring the boxer engine into the spotlight. The exclusive special parts bear the inscription "Option 719" and emphasise the high-quality character of the bike.  

Ergonomics and comfort.
  • High rider's seat in black:

    The 30 mm higher rider's seat in black is particularly suitable for tall riders. The comfortable knee angle provides the rider with a noticeable increase in seating comfort and thus even more carefree kilometres, especially on long-haul routes.


    Rider's seat low, black:

    The rider's seat in black, which is 30 mm lower, makes mounting your bike easier and improves accessibility to the ground. This makes it easier to manoeuvre and control the motorcycle.


    Rider's seat Sport, black:

    The rider's seat Sport in black is higher and narrower than the standard seat and supports a sporty riding style thanks to its active seat adjustment. With a seat height of 840 mm and a rider step length of 1,875 mm, it is particularly well suited for tall riders.  

  • Thanks to a broader seat area and additional padding, the Comfort passenger seat provides noticeably greater seating comfort and even more carefree kilometres for the passenger. The particularly comfortable passenger seat can be combined with all rider's seat variants.  

  • The tinted Sport windscreen with scratch-resistant coating noticeably relieves the upper body of wind pressure and provides a sporty accent. The classic roadster look remains intact, but it can also be used to make fast motorway routes or longer tours even more relaxed.  

Navigation and communication.
  • The multifunctional Navigator VI makes route planning child's play. The system with 16 GB flash memory and five-inch touch screen always points the right direction. Thanks to the circular polarisation filter (CPOL), the waterproof display is easy to read even in direct sunlight. The high-resolution screen in a smartphone-like housing provides all essential information and thus the overview needed in every situation. Numerous additional functions make planning and tour an exciting experience. Routes can be created to reflect personal preferences in order to enjoy journeys along winding and quiet side roads. In unknown terrain, the "round trip" option is a good choice as it reliably guides the rider at the end of the tour back to the starting point. The Bluetooth connection to the BMW Motorrad communication system and the optional smartphone link app enable a pure multimedia experience on the go: navigation instructions, phone calls, streaming music and retrieving weather forecasts or traffic jam information are no problem. Navigation preparation adds further functions such as "My Motorcycle", and the multi-controller on the handlebars offers an alternative control option. If the rider has opted for pre-installed map data, this is always up to date thanks to lifelong, free map updates.  

  • The robust engine protection bars made of polished stainless steel reliably protects the area around the cylinder against damage without restricting the tilt angle. The sturdy tubular construction can withstand even rough impacts and can prevent major falls on asphalt.  

The special equipment or optional accessories listed on this page are only an excerpt from the latest BMW Motorrad customization range. Please contact your BMW Motorrad retailer for information about all the special equipment, optional accessories and packages for this model. 

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